Welcome to ALPACA/PANGAIA Winter Wet Lab!

WWL 2023 is organized by ALPACA and PANGAIA consortium as a winter school that will help participants to familiarize themselves with basic work in a laboratory sequencing DNA. WWL 2023 will have two parts:

  • Wet-lab school: Feb 1 (morning) - Feb 4 (evening)
  • Social event: Feb 5
  • Analysis workshop: Feb 5 (evening) - Feb 8 (evening)

The participants (in small groups) will prepare samples of different strains of a non-conventional yeast species from subphylum Saccharomycotina for sequencing and sequence the sample with Oxford Nanopore MinION. No previous experience with wet lab is required. The lab work will be accompanied with necessary background lectures. The focus of the analysis part will be on analysis of the data produced during the wet lab part of the school, augmented with additional data sets produced ahead of the school, with both traditional and pangenomic methods. The plan is to produce a joint paper at the end of the analysis workshop.